GunClear seeks to provide firearm owners with a method to manage their information in a private and digital method.




GunClear provides gun owners the platform needed to save the relevant and necessary data relative to their firearm; using a digital space that is free from surveillance.



The facts and figures surrounding firearms in the United States are astounding; 350 million guns, possession by 42% of households, 5 million guns manufactured and sold in 2015, 15 million transactions per year. The most staggering factor is the performance of the industry, growing 8 times over from 1982 through 2013.


With such a large market and political pressure for change, why has the system for managing firearm data been passed over in the digital age? Because gun owners don’t trust a centralized solution.

Each state has a complex set of gun laws, and you as the gun owner are responsible for managing this information as you travel, change residence, and live your life.



  • Download and Setup the GunClear App

    Using our app, you begin by choosing your privacy level and creating your account. This generates your digital gun safe.

  • Enter or Upload Data

    Firearm information is uploaded or entered into our blockchain-based, distributed application.

  • View Your Data Whenever Necessary

    Your firearm information is easily accessible from your mobile device and can be recovered to a new one when needed.


  • Q1 2018
  • Q2 2018
  • Q3 2018
  • Q1 2019
  • Q2 2019
  • Q3 2019
  • Q4 2019
  • Q1 2020

Customer Discovery: Speaking with consumers, firearm manufacturers and dealers, and law enforcement about gunclear adoption.

Technological Blueprint: Illustrating early concepts, wireframes, user flows, and the path to development. Working with blockchain experts around the world to design a product that will deliver a new level of data privacy.

Begin PoC. Build off-chain solutions while testing the zk-snark integration with Plasma. Launch version one of the commercial website. Begin to build awareness with customer contact, education, and interaction.

Complete PoC: Build out MVP. Architect infrastructure of dAPP to integrate with off-chain solutions and minting mechanism. Begin premarketing to build a large, engaged audience for final launch.

Enroll key stakeholders: Explore GunClear sponsored gun shows, as well as work with firearm manufacturers, dealers and distributors.

Launch MVP: GunClear App reaches full commercial availability. Onboard and develop preferred dealer network, and continue to build the GunClear community.

Explore legislative mandates in target states

Expand application: Add roles and features. Support concealed carry and other permits, as well as class three and title II firearms, silencers, other accessories. Increase dAPP value with the addition of parametric insurance function, form autocompletion, and additional value adds.


David Noble

Co-Founder | Growth Strategy

David Noble is a faculty member in UCONN’s School of Business. He was appointed the inaugural Director of the Werth Institute in January 2018, previously he served as the co-director of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Consortium and the xCITE Conference. David is an active student entrepreneurship mentor at UConn (and StanleyBlackDecker Techstars Accelerator) and has recently founded the Blockchain Technology & Organizations Research Symposium.

Mathew Fox

Co-Founder | Head of Product

Mathew is a full stack developer who has been active in recent developments in blockchain applications. His passion as a responsible gun owner serves as the foundation for GunClear. Mathew is a graduate of the University of Connecticut. His experience with front-end and back-end technologies support the active development of GunClear. As an enthusiast for firearms, Mathew maintains the vision for GunClear to support legal firearm ownership.

Alexander Plomaritis

Co-Founder | Business Development

Alexander is an Angel Investor and founder of TPM, a private equity and capital firm. He serves as an advisor to a number of startups in the financial technology and blockchain industries. His expertise in the firearm and blockchain industries make him a “Titan of Technology” and are foundational components to GunClear.