GunClear isn’t a firearms tool. GunClear is a tool for freedom and privacy, and we believe that this is a fundamental human right. You do not have to look too deeply to find that tech has become completely driven by data collection, harvesting, and analyses. We produce data to be marketed to…so what if facebook sells our information to Kellogg’s, well then what happens when it sells it to a consulting company paid for by the Russian oligarchs. What happens when facebook sells your data to the chinese government. What happens when? What happens when Facebook is only the tip of the iceberg because third party data companies are far less worried about you than any particular service that you use. There is a whole industry that purchases, consolidates, and sells this data.


The technology behind GunClear was developed to counter this disturbing trend.

Instead of posting everything to social media, google drive, or insecure harvestable clouds (Google reads all of your emails), we want you to start storing the data that is most private and valuable on the ZK NFTs that we are creating. GunClear is the first dapp created by [the Privacy Labs] to demonstrate how this technology can be used to begin to secure our most important documents and transactions.

You are skeptical of GunClear. You should. You do not know us yet. We are not going to ask you to trust us, we are going to work for your trust. Our technological innovations will be open sourced, and we will always strive to answer your questions clearly and transparently. There will be times where we say, “we do not know.” This technology is bleeding edge, and we expect stutter starts and fits as we work through how to build it.

Gun owners are especially aggrieved in the digital marketplace. Currently, we are posting and sharing way too much about our gun behavior, including taking our phone to the gun range. Rest assured, ML/AI advances will allow incredible insights to be developed about each of us based upon driving patterns, credit card usage, google searches, location connections…etc. This is the true enemy of freedom and privacy.

GunClear is the beginning of an avalanche of technology to which begins to return that privacy to the user. We are developed in the open sourced and decentralized traditions of the Tor Browser, Duck Duck Go Search, Proton Mail, ZCash, Monero, and Gab Messaging. Freedom of speech and freedom from unlawful invasion by the government (and corporatist tech firms) are built into our belief system. Whether you choose to use these technologies will be up-to-you (sometimes we do not use them).

Almost everyone of us has traded in infosec for convenience over the last 15 years and the development of web2.0. The tools to develop answers to these problems are being developed, increasingly effective, and now it is time to start parsing out what is truly important to be protected. GunClear does not run on a crypto coin. Your participation in GunClear will be based on traditional payment rails, but you pay to be a member of the NRA as well (or any other Gun Rights or participant organization), and most likely have applied for a permit to buy or own a gun in the past. Your intent to acquire a firearm should be considered public.

Who you bought that gun from, what price, what type of gun that is, what permits you may want to store electronically, etc. That can stay private. You should not be harvested for wanting the convenience to store and produce such documentation when YOU choose. This document was typed on Google Docs. I am 100% sure that they read this document as it was stored in their cloud. I am also 100% certain that I will never be able to remove it from their storage regardless of what Google says, what kind of laws are passed, or what I elect in or out fact, gunclear uses gmail. Within 60 days, we will make the transition to ProtonMail.

We did not create a cryptocurrency, we did not create software to track gun ownership, there is no registry, and, in fact, we do not even learn what is on these nonfungible tokens. We protect your privacy by keeping your data private. Two people can not keep a secret.

The exchange for this is some convenience and you will actually have to pay for a service. Do you think google and facebook became the world’s biggest companies by giving away their product. Absolutely not, you are their product. Data harvesting companies are a tyrant’s best friend. Look at the Chinese social rating system. How much different is this from Uber’s technology? If you want to avoid the use of such systems by governments, you need to shut off the data valve at certain points. The more times you do this, the easier it will become. Waiting a few seconds for the page to download will become far more tolerable when you realize you are literally preserving freedom.

Without privacy, there is no freedom. We act differently when we are watched. Privacy Labs and GunClear will strive to develop a broader and broader current for your life, your data, and your freedom.