David Noble

Co-Founder | Growth Strategy

David Noble is a faculty member in the School of Business. He teaches courses on technology innovation and entrepreneurship. He was appointed the inaugural Director of the Werth Institute in January 2018, previously he served as the co-director of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Consortium and the xCITE Conference. David is an active student entrepreneurship mentor at UConn (and StanleyBlackDecker Techstars Accelerator), and has recently founded the Blockchain Technology & Organizations Research Symposium.

Prior to UConn, David was a securities and corporate finance attorney, with experience representing startups from formation through the IPO process. He has extensive non-profit board experience. He holds a Ph.D. in Management from the University of Alabama, a J.D. from the University of Miami, a M.B.A. from the Elon University, and B.S. in Political Science from Northeastern University.

Mathew Fox

Co-Founder | Head of Product

Mathew is a full stack developer who has been active in recent developments in blockchain applications. His passion as a responsible gun owner serves as the foundation for GunClear.

Mathew is a graduate from the University of Connecticut. His experience with front end and back end technologies support the active development of GunClear. As an enthusiast for firearms, Mathew maintains the vision for GunClear to support legal firearm ownership.


Alexander Plomaritis

Co-Founder | Business Development

Alexander is an Angel Investor and founder of TPM, a private equity and capital firm. He serves as an advisor to a number of startups in the financial technology and blockchain industries. His expertise in the firearm and blockchain industries make him a “Titan of Technology” and are foundational components to GunClear.

Before joining GunClear, Alexander was a full-time Ph.D. student in Management, with a focus in Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management Scholarship. Alexander has earned a Masters in Business from the University of Denver, and a Bachelors in Spanish, during his tenure at The University of Alabama.



Jonathan Winkel

Marketing Strategy


Don Tirea

Product Strategy


Bryant Eisenbach

Blockchain Architect & Product Development Lead

Tom Nassr

Chief Technology Advisor

Sean Coughlin

Security Architect

Steve Rado

Project Leadership

Isabela Abad Herrera

Social Media & Community Management

Ryan Fisher

Web Development


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Checkmate Digital

Product Strategy | Product Development

Entrepreneurs and scaling teams work with Checkmate Digital to create beautiful, functional, and secure software solutions for everyday problems.

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SquareWheel Group

Marketing | Website | Growth Strategy Advisory

SquareWheel is a digital-focused, full-service marketing agency. SquareWheel helps high-growth companies utilize the full power of content, automation, and conversion.